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Sewing for Hiking....

I had sewn a few sandwich bags many months ago, but hadn't made enough to put up on my website. So, off they went and sat in a corner in one of my storage boxes. Until it was time to put them to use.

On Saturday I went for a long, beautiful hike to the Creux du Van and decided to use one of the big one for my sandwiches. And it turned out to be such a great help! All my sandwiches were in place, and did not spill their crumbs and sauces out of the bag, as it was lined with food grade PVC. It was one of the best decisions I took and I soon realized how my sewing could extend to hiking too! It was the same with my husband's trail mix bags which I made for him. We went to a specialized store in Bern to buy a few things for his upcoming hike and realized how insanely priced even little waterproof bags were! I convinced him to buy only one and that I would make the other three at home. Not wasting time, I went to the nearby store to buy the same kind of fabric and make three similar looking ones - for free!!

Sewing has and will always be my passion and I am always up for new ideas and challenges that come my way :). And when I carry a piece of what I made with me, it gives me a kind of happiness that no other hobby can. Not until now for sure :)

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