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Always creating...

This was a picture taken a few years ago,

when I had made my cute fabric fish bags.

I was so excited and chuffed with the

result - it shows I guess! And the passion

continues till date, and each day only feels

better and more inspiring than the previous one. Sewing has not only given me a hobby to look forward to, it has evoked a kind of fire in me to challenge myself more and more to create something newer and better. My hobby space can never be big enough to store all my fabrics, and no amount of fabrics can ever be sufficient!

The biggest challenge to me has always

been to find space to fit all my latest

fabric purchases and yet attempt to make

my hobby space look 'nice'. But at the

end of the day when I am done with the

creation, it's already time for bed and

there is no time to tidy up my space.

Well, it's a sweet compromise to make when your passion for sewing is such. Cheers to all the creative people, whose passion is as mad as mine! :)

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