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Paper 'less'

Until recently, I had used paper towels as kitchen wipes and never gave it another thought. And then I discovered fabric wipes. Viola, and life was different. First of all, I am not using a whole paper towel to wipe a drop of water on my kitchen counter, only to throw it away, and secondly, I realize how much fabric soaks in water compared to a thin layer of paper.

To add to the beauty of this, I reuse old terry towels on one side and nice fruit/vegetable pattern on the other. And I must say, I feel thrilled to bits about this change. Like many others, I have seriously begun to think sustainable and ecological. It's been a while I have bought kitchen paper rolls and I don't miss having them at all! I made a few for some of my friends with their own towels and they are addicted to the idea - how cool is that?!

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