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What a change.

I moved to Switzerland not knowing a thing about the culture, the weather or the language. Eight years down, things are a bit different. Having learnt the language is one of the best things I could've done - all thanks to Martin, who woke me up every single day and encouraged me to step out of the house in the cold dark December winters to go to school early in the mornings. Brrrrr. But it has all paid off I guess. I not only speak the language, but instead of thinking 'What do I do now', I've begun to ask myself 'Was soll ich jetzt machen'. Quite a change if yo start thinking in a foreign language isn't it?

It's the same with my driving. From being a reluctant and a super-scared driver of eight years ago, I have now become a frowning semi-Swiss who is not in the least happy to see someone break the cardinal Swiss road rules. Which is perhaps the reason why driving in Switzerland is so much fun. The views are of course

breathtaking, but knowing that not many people drive in a haphazard manner makes it all the more relaxed and fun. Switzerland does drive me crazy indeed :)

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